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The Brief

EMPR are an international firm, and we were tasked by their Australian branch with running the digital marketing for their Australia and New Zealand companies. An established brand, they were particularly dissatisfied with the performance of their existing NZ campaign, and contacted us – due to our specialty in the digital space – to improve specifically in that market as they believed that their Australian campaign was at its peak.

The AdWords and remarketing focused campaigns we ran for them not only outperformed their expectations in New Zealand, but also garnered better results here in Australia, despite being at what they believed was its “peak”.

The Vision

Thorough initial research had to be conducted into the New Zealand market as it would be negligent to assume that the similarities of the Australian and NZ cultures translated into this industry. From there, the strategy was increasing brand awareness and recognition of EMPR in NZ, and from there, increase conversions. In Australia, the plan was simply continue and improve upon their existing campaign.

  • Increase reach and brand recognition in NZ
  • Increase website traffic (particularly for the NZ site)
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase revenue

We examined the existing campaigns with a fine tooth comb to extract as much actionable data as possible that would be useful in a new campaign. By refining the Australian account in terms of its targeting and content, EMPR began seeing more relevant users, resulting in more conversions and a significantly higher conversion rate than before. And for NZ, we rebuilt the entire thing, as we found it below par for their market, as it was set up too similarly to the Australian account. Furthermore, to increase brand awareness and recognition, a remarketing campaign would be the most effective. With a huge reach, refined to target all relevant demographics, we had greater control over the impressions, and ultimately conversions from the remarketing campaign.


Although EMPR believed that the Australian campaign was at its peak, we knew that it could do better, and implemented the changes that increased conversions by 59%, decreased CPA by 30% and increased Australian ROI by 74%. This came as a big surprise to EMPR. As for the rebuilt New Zealand campaign, they saw a huge 268% increase in conversions from their old campaign. This was at a lower cost, with CPA decreased by 32%. Needless to say, we both believed the NZ campaign was a huge success!

The Projects Success


Increase in ROI (Australia)

The New Zealand website saw a huge increase in traffic which ultimately lead to many more conversions. Australia also outperformed the expectations set by EMPR, as our management of the account saw a boost in conversions.

  • 59%

    Increase in Conversions (Australia)

  • 30%

    Decrease in CPA (Australia)

  • 268%

    Increase in Conversions (New Zealand)

  • 32%

    Decrease in CPA (New Zealand)

  • 132%

    Increase in Website Traffic (New Zealand)

  • 21%

    Increase in Website Users (New Zealand)

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