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The Brief

Big Fun, Australia’s largest party hire company, were having a tough time generating revenue from their website which was ranking poorly for SEO keywords, backlinking, metadata, search and display marketing. As a result, conversion rates were at an all-time low and they required a major overhaul immediately in order to keep running a successful business. At first, we brought forward a complete AdWords and remarketing strategy but we recognised the crucial need to redesign their website for optimal effectiveness at generating leads, raising brand awareness and creating sales.

Once they were confident they could trust us with a full-service AdWords campaign that was finally generating some positive results, they decided it was a good idea after all to entrust us with the website redesign and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Vision

Big Fun’s website was outdated, cluttered with information which overwhelmed users and lacked a user-friendly appeal that would have led to instant action on behalf of the customer. The website was lacking a clear user journey that would have ultimately led to success from the get-go. Big Fun needed traffic and this became our sole focus.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase call-to-action enquiries
  • Increase brand credibility
  • Increase conversion rates

We made sure we were completely transparent about how we would create a strong and adaptable AdWords campaign, from keyword planning to insights gained from trying out new search phrases, we wanted our client to feel like we could be trusted to make tangible goals happen. From the start of our campaign, we were open to feedback from the client – their approval of what we do is paramount to what we do here at AdVisible.


Big Fun had been around long enough to work quite successfully off word of mouth advertising for long enough that they hadn’t seen a website upgrade as necessary when they started to grow. But over time, they recognised the gap in their business plan by not investing enough resources into a user-friendly, well-designed website. As a result, making sure they understood why we wanted to revamp their site as well as create that all-important AdWords and remarketing strategy wasn’t rocket science – the proof was already apparent. As soon as we received their approval, we got straight to work and created a website that delighted them more than they ever thought it would. As their website is Big Fun’s main point of contact, we are glad we have exceeded their expectations and that we are continuing to see success as we implement more strategies on their newly-created online domain.  

Results so far

Big Fun’s website is well under way and we are sure it will tick off the goals we have put in place for this client. Since we have worked with them, Big Fun’s party hire equipment has been showcased on prime time reality TV shows on channel 9 and 10. Their website has been one of our biggest transformations and they couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved for their business, such as more than doubling their revenue and helping them expand into Victoria and Queensland. Additionally, we’ve improved their AdWords and remarketing conversions by 311%, and the overall conversion rate of both strategies by 124%. AdVisible have also helped them improve their cost-per-conversation by an immense 281%. We’ve achieved these big wins all the while standing alongside them as they continue to experience major increases in website traffic, conversation rates, call-to-action responses and earn a reputable place in the competitive world of party hire equipment.

The Projects Success


Increase in Traffic

Improved adwords / remarketing conversions by 311%. Increased adwords / remarketing converate by 124%. Improved cost-per-conversion by 281%.

  • 311%

    Increase in Conversions

  • 124%

    Increase in Conversion Rate

  • 72%

    Decrease in Cost-Per-Click

  • 48.2%

    Increase in Average Session Duration

  • 53.4%

    Increase in Average Session Duration

  • 18%

    Improvement in Bounce Rate

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