Adventure Wild

Australia outback tour specialists creating memorable experiences.

The Brief

Adventure Wild brought us on to conceive and run a Google AdWords campaign for them. But we always believed that the campaign could be much more effective if they revitalised their out-dated website, because when it comes to digital marketing, it is all connected. And by combining their AdWords campaign with a fresh and sleek website design, their overall digital marketing efforts would begin paying off much better dividends.

When they believed we had truly proven our worth, and saw the value in our relationship, they decided to take our advice. Adventure Wild was expecting great things from the agency they trusted, but they were not expecting just how much value we would deliver.

The Vision

Adventure Wild’s existing website was cluttered; difficult to read; not focused on user interaction; and old-fashioned. Virtually no visitor was going beyond their home page, and even then, they were leaving mere seconds after arriving on the home page. They needed a big boost, and we were excited to help them.

  • Increase website traffic
  • Decrease bounce rates (% of people leave a site after visiting only one page)
  • Increase website engagement
  • Increase conversion rates

We encouraged Adventure Wild to be involved in the website building process and ensured we had their input and approval every step of the way. They did have a few requests, but were happy to trust our knowledge and experience in developing a website that not only looks good, but is focused on engagement, and ultimately, conversions.


The initial objective was shaking up their underwhelming website and modernising their brand image through the new website – which is their primary digital point of contact with customers. Coupling this new design with strategic placements, engaging content, and a clear user journey that lead to a sale, resulted in more users who were spending time going through their website and then signing up for a tour.

Results so far

Adventure Wild regret not trusting us sooner with building the new website! In just two months their analytics were through the roof and they couldn’t believe the numbers they were seeing. 286% increase in session duration, 293% increase in page views and 76% decrease in bounce rates. But the two metrics they had to rub their eyes in disbelief at were the 565% increase in users and 496% increase in sessions. To top it all off their AdWords account began performing significantly better as a result with a 118% increase in conversion rate. Years later, our relationship is going stronger than ever!

The Projects Success


Increase in Sessions

Getting users to stay longer than a few seconds and visiting more than one page were the main issues for Adventure Wild's old website. The percentage improvement they experienced as a result of the new website we built for them are in the thousands.

  • 565%

    Increase in Users

  • 293%

    Increase in Page Views

  • 385%

    Increase in Pages per Session

  • 286%

    Increase in Average Session Duration

  • 76%

    Decrease in Bounce Rates

  • 118%

    Increase in Conversion Rate

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