Google Adwords Management

AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platform that gives you and your target market the greatest chance of finding each other on the Google network.

As a leading Google Adwords Sydney based agency, we strive for high performing campaigns and optimise to get you higher ad positions and cheaper cost-per-acquisitions. Our team of analysts work to minimise wasted ad spend by selecting high-quality keywords, creating engaging ad copy and precisely targeting what is most relevant to you.

Why should you implement a Google AdWords Management strategy?

  • Get cheaper Cost-per-Acquisitions
  • Get your ads in higher positions
  • Drive high-intent traffic and conversions to your site
  • Get results fast, as SEO can take months
  • Acquire detailed data on your target audience

What is Google AdWords?

The power of AdWords is that your ads are optimised to show in a user’s search results. When a specific search query that is relevant to your product or service is typed in, your ad can appear at the top in Google’s paid listings. You only pay when a qualified lead clicks on your ad!

Pay Per Click Advertising Service on Google
Optimise Your Ads to Appear on Top of Your Competitors
Qualified Lead Generation
Create Purposeful Ad Copy to Drive Conversions

The AdWords Network

Google Ads is part of a network of other Google services which together turn customer clicks into conversions online.

Google Remarketing

We use remarketing to recapture the attention of users who have already purchased from or visited your website. Remarketing to those already aware of your brand mean they are more likely to make repeat purchases and increase your returns in the long run.
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Youtube Advertising

Video advertising is one of the most promising forms of targeting for your brand. We make you’re known on the best platform for it - YouTube. If you want precise control over where your users are and when to target them for the greatest impact, YouTube advertising is king.
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Google Shopping

People love to use search engines to find your products or services easier. Google Shopping is an easy-to-use, engaging way to get your customers directly to your website’s eCommerce portal.
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Google My Business

Build up a visual directory listing to instantly boost your authority and credibility to Google and your users with Google My Business.
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Our AdWords Management Process

We don’t work on the sidelines of your business and disappear soon after. Our team is an extension of yours. We work alongside you to give you AdWords results that will change things for you online. Our process is sturdy, effective and has achieved real results for thousands of accounts before you.

Campaign Setup & Tracking

We build out your campaign using Google best practices, proven structures and setups we’ve used with past campaigns of similar industries to yours. We use tracking tools like Google Analytics to see how your campaigns are performing, and if they are adequately converting users into customers.

Precise Targeting

We use and test specific targeting (language, locations, time scheduling etc.) to give you the best chance of finding your target market online. With greater precision targeting, we reduce ad spend wastage and increase leads more effectively.

Ad Copy Development

Our talented team goes straight to work to create engaging, creative text and call to actions which have a significant positive impact on your results. With eloquent ad copy, we capture prospects and drive them to your website pronto.

Ongoing Optimisation

AdWords success involves being up-to-date with Google’s best practices and ensuring your ads are being monitored and optimised regularly. We use state-of-the-art campaign management tools and search data to optimise your account and make sure you rank well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is dedicated to providing as much transparency and value to you as possible. Below are a few answers to common questions for this service.

How do I know where my Google spend is going and what results I’m getting?

It’s simple – advertisers will be billed their ad spend directly from Google. Results will be transparent because we link your AdWords account up to Google Analytics and you will receive monthly performance reports.

How often am I billed by Google?

Every 30 days, or when you reach your cost threshold – whichever comes first.

What should my daily budget for AdWords be?

Your budget should correlate with your business goals. Calculate the number of new customers you want, compared to a baseline conversion rate, then work out how many clicks you need per day to reach that goal.

The most important factor in deciding your budget is potential versus affordability. If your budget is too small, you might not get the traffic levels you need. On the other hand, if you’re spending more than you can afford, your success won’t be sustainable.

How much will it cost me each time someone clicks on my ad?

When one of your keywords are searched, this will trigger an ad auction. Bid prices can range from $0.05 to the top end of $80.00 per click in hypercompetitive industries. Bid prices for keywords generally fall into a range between $0.50 to $5.00. It depends on your desired ad position, competition levels and a keyword’s quality score.

What is click-through-rate (CTR)?

CTR is a metric used to measure the relevancy of your ad to a user. It is presented as a percentage, calculated by the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown (called impressions). The benchmark percentage for CTR that Google identifies is 1-2% (for search advertising).

Can I schedule my ads to only display during certain hours and days?

Yes, we set select certain hours and days for when you want your ad to show. We strategically select times when your product / service is most likely to be searched and convert, so you can make the most of your AdWords spend.

How specific of an area can I target for my AdWords campaign?

You can specify an area as small as a 1km radius around a GPS coordinate. Businesses can target specific suburbs, states or countries. It’s all about understanding where your target audience is.

Can I track the phone and email leads that come from my AdWords traffic?

Yes, we set up Google Forwarding Numbers, mobile call buttons, form fill tracking and much more to help you track. Leads will be reported separately by source, so you can tell what’s working and what’s not. We mutually agree with you on the conversions that should be tracked across all campaigns.

Should I use the same keywords for AdWords if I already rank for them through SEO?

It really depends on how much you want to dominate. Statistics support by having a dominant position for both, it will increase your overall CTR for both listings.

Can I protect myself from click fraud? (i.e. competitors purposely clicking your ads repeatedly)

Yes, using IP blocking software we can block repeat IPs. Google also have a great click fraud system to reimburse advertisers for invalid clicks.

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