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EMPR – a leading international supplier of genuine computer parts and IT solutions – tasked us with running digital marketing campaigns for their Australian and New Zealand companies. As they are an established brand, they already had a results-generating Australian campaign. Their New Zealand marketing segment, however, was falling short of the results they needed to remain on top. They were depending on us to exceed their expectations, as they knew we specialised in the digital space.

Our AdWords and remarketing-focused campaigns surpassed their predicted results for New Zealand. Better yet, despite their thinking that Australia was performing at its peak, we produced better overall results on this side of the world as well!

Soluble Actions

We didn’t make any assumptions about the similarities between the Australian and New Zealand markets so we did vigorous research on New Zealand’s digital landscape. Our strategy was simple – increase brand awareness and recognition of EMPR in New Zealand. Then, we focused heavily on increasing conversions. For Australia, we continued our work upon their existing campaign, monitoring, optimising and improving results as we saw fit.

We wanted to take only the best actionable data from EMPR’s existing campaigns to create a new direction for our strategies. For their New Zealand campaign, we recreated the entire thing from scratch. It was previously too similar to the Australian account and was inadequate for their market. We refined the Australian account’s targeting and content and immediately EMPR begin seeing more relevant users. This resulted in more conversions at a significantly higher rate than before.

A remarketing campaign would be the most effective in increasing brand awareness and recognition. Due to the huge reach we created – refined to target relevant audiences – we had greater control of the impressions and ultimately conversions generated by our remarketing efforts.

Results So Far

EMPR was taken aback by our ability to increase the results of their Australian campaign, which they didn’t know could do any better. Our marketing experts optimised their account to increase conversions by 59% and return on investment by 74%, all the while decreasing cost-per-acquisition by 30%. They really weren’t expecting such a major success! For our revamped New Zealand campaign, a massive 268% increase in conversions took place at a lower cost to their previous strategy and cost-per-acquisition dropped by 32%. Needless to say, they were extremely impressed with our adept skillset.

+74% Increase in ROI (Australia)

The New Zealand website saw a huge increase in traffic which ultimately lead to many more conversions. Australia also outperformed the expectations set by EMPR, as our management of the account saw a boost in conversions.

59% Increase in Conversions (Australia)
30% Decrease in CPA (Australia)
268% Increase in Conversions (New Zealand)
32% Decrease in CPA (New Zealand)
132% Increase in Traffic (New Zealand)
21% Increase in Users (New Zealand)

What's Next

Although EMPR believed that the Australian campaign was at its peak, we knew that it could do better, and implemented the changes that increased conversions by 59%, decreased CPA by 30% and increased Australian ROI by 74%. This came as a big surprise to EMPR. As for the rebuilt New Zealand campaign, they saw a huge 268% increase in conversions from their old campaign. This was at a lower cost, with CPA decreased by 32%. Needless to say, we both believed the NZ campaign was a huge success!

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