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Forgetting something? While Google dominates the search market, Bing is still the second largest search engine in Australia and shouldn’t be ignored if you’re serious about building online leads.


  • Solidify online brand awareness and exposure
  • Increase visibility in the natural SERP listings
  • Deliver a long term growth strategy to achieve
    target CPA and conversion rates
  • Lead Future Sources to the frontier of the industry

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How Bing Advertising Works?

The Yahoo Bing Network gives you an opportunity to reach more than 5.5 million Australians each month, with powerful targeting tools that help you attract the right customers at their desk or on the go.

The beauty of Bing is its similarity to the Google AdWords platform. If you know Google AdWords works for you, then you can expect a strong return on your investment with Bing Ads.

Bings also offers products and features to drive foot traffic into local stores, with precise targeting that helps you engage people based on their gender, age, location and more. According to Bing, Australians searching for products and services on Bing typically spend 5% more than the average searcher, which gives you an opportunity to tap into a lucrative customer base who are ready to buy.

Creating a Bing Ads campaign allows you to:

  • target the right audience in the right location
  • enjoy lower cost per clicks, due to less searches and competition
  • reduce your cost-per-acquisition compared to Google
  • pay less for the same keywords on Google AdWords
  • access Bing’s four ad spaces at the top of the page, instead of three
  • only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

The AdVisible Difference

We’re proud to be a Bing Ads Accredited Professional company, trained to design and implement Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns across the Yahoo Bing Network. We’ll manage every aspect of your campaign and give you full access to our online reporting platform, so you can see the work we do and the results we achieve for your business, in real-time on any device.

Our digital marketing philosophy means we’ll look at the bigger picture and see what combination of tactics will yield the best results. We’ll also monitor your results carefully to see how we can optimise your campaign to support your business objectives. The combination of our technical capabilities and creative flair means we can develop stunning ads that deliver real business results.

If you want to cover all your bases and reach 98.5% of Australians each month, why not combine your Google AdWords campaign with Bing Ads? Give us a call on 1300 812 447 or contact us online to find out more.


Trusted By Bing

We’re a partnered Bing Agency in Australia, which means we’re trusted by Bing to uphold their best practice standards and deliver high-quality Bing Advertising management services to our clients. It’s the ultimate stamp of approval. Our partnership with Bing also gives us access to all the latest tools, software and insights, which gives you an edge over the competition.

Driven By Data

Our campaigns are designed to deliver real business results, which is why we focus on metrics that matter. While most agencies simply capture data and hand it to you in a monthly report, we know how to interpret your Google Analytics and apply this information to your Bing campaigns. When you’re playing a numbers game, it’s best to leave it in the hands of digital marketing experts who are driven by data.

Creative Content

We know that behind every search is a human trying to find the information they need to get on with their day. While our technical experts focus on the data, our creative teams look for ways to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to visit your site. We may use data to reach your customers on Bing, but we need to use emotion to help you close the sale. This balance is what enhances your Bing Ads performance and drives business growth.

An Ethical Approach

We are completely transparent about every aspect of your Bing Advertising campaign, from your ad spend and campaign performance to the resulting impact on business sales. Not only will you have full access to your Google Analytics accounts, but we’ll also provide a login to our online reporting platform: AdHub. It’s what our team uses to analyse your digital marketing campaigns and offers real-time results on any device.

The Bigger Picture

Bing Advertising is one of the most powerful digital marketing tactics available, but it shouldn’t be used in isolation. A strong ad campaign that leads to a weak website won’t deliver results and could even impact your brand reputation. That’s why we look at the bigger picture and make sure every aspect of your digital marketing campaign supports your business and helps you achieve your goals.

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Ivan Teh
Co-Founder & Digital Strategist

Just like our bread and butter, we have a proven track record of successful Bing Advertising campaigns. We’ll show you how to harness the power of search networks.

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